Eurosom services.

Real-time streaming, virtually any data source.

Cloud-based analtyics platform.

Eurosom Platform.

Eurosom platform comes with a simple custom connector which is fully integrated with leading BI technologies. This means with a simple click or drag and drops users can analyses all types of data regardless of the format helping users define new objectives and goals through improved data analysis. Eurosom provides data analysis and reporting through Power BI, Tableau and Kibana offering powerful experimentation with visualizations, statistical functions, calculations across broad datasets, and ability to derive answers on the fly through the rapid recombination of fields.

Eurosom Cloud Integration Benefits.

Eurosom non-intrusive change data capture feature extracts real-time data without slowing down source transactional databases. This allows for automation and simplifies streaming data pipelines. Our zero data loss and zero database downtime cloud migration monitoring is enabled with Eurosom real-time processing through Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud.