Eurosom Technology Partners.

Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Cloudera, MapR and Vertica.

Cloud-based Big Data analtyics platform.

Eurosom MapR CERTIFIED Partner.

With Eurosom your data becomes easily accessible, analysable and faster interactive, whatever its size and wherever its place would be. Through automation, Big data analysis can be simplified for the user by narrowing down the data into the precise data required. Several other features such as data sorting facilitate this feature as well as faster data processing.

Eurosom open sources NoSQL.

Eurosom platform provides a big data analytics platform that would meet the unprecedented speed and scale of the data, delivers a performance at Exabyte scale building analytics functions into the core of the business functionality. Eurosom integrates with open source innovation and key complementary offerings through an adaptive, ecosystem-friendly architecture. Eurosom is a valuable contributor with Open Source NoSQL databases.