IDOL Search and iManage Works and document management. IDOL Search and iManage Works enables organisations to benefit from automation without losing manual control. This complementary approach allows automatic processing to be combined with a variety of human controllable overrides, offering the best of both worlds and never necessitating an “either/or” choice.

IDOL Search and iManage Works integrates with all known legacy systems, eliminating the need for organisations to cobble together multiple systems to support their disparate components – with obvious efficiency gains.

Eurosom understands the power behind Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka, and we develop or integrate other major technologies on top of IDOL.

If you want to integrate into your current application a powerful technology or you want to develop out-of-the-box ready to use application and easily integrate Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka IDOL Search and iManage Works we can help you with your software – no matter how small or large your project is.

If you want to develop a front-end application you have to use databases such as SQL. In Eurosom we use Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka and MS SQL Server as our core backed solution.