About Eurosom

We’ve seen the potential and we are 100% open source.


Eurosom understands the power behind Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka, ELK and we develop and  integrate other major technologies on top of IDOL and Elasticsearch. If you want to integrate into your current application a powerful technology or you want to develop out-of-the-box ready to use application and easily integrate Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka ELK, IDOL Search and iManage Works.We can help you with your software – no matter how small or large your project is.


We strive to be the number one independent provider of an open source big data and Cloud Solutions providers in the markets we serve globally. Eurosom supports and consultant 100% open source data platform at speed.

OUR Mission

Eurosom delivers fast, high quality, cost-effective services for clients who want to leverage the full capabilities of Big data solutions such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka and other Open source big data applications.

Our team

We have dedicated senior Big data analytics professionals based across the EMEA who are on hand to assist with any Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka technology issues, either remotely or on site.



our experience

Apache Hadoop
Apache Cassandra
Apache Kafka
IDOL Search and iManage Works

Business Solutions

Elevate your Open source big data to the heights of Big data analytics. Eurosom maximises the ROI of your Open source big data technology implementation by tailor-making an Open source big data platform to precisely suit your needs and provide the ideal Big data analytics solution. Essentially, we help both private and public organisations understand where to best ingest, store manage, analyse and access the valuable information they need, when they need it.