Month: May 2017

Open source and IDOL search

In the past 5 years’ we have seen the biggest technology companies such as Microsoft and IBM pushing open source because they cannot compete with community-based software.

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Our Expertise

Big data consultancy
Eurosom maximises your investment in Open source big data technology with a truly tailor-made consultancy solution.

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 IManage Works (CMS)

Eurosom is one of the few companies in the world capable of providing high-level support services for leading technologies such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka, iManage and IDOL Search by addressing all aspects of deployment, including initial design, configuration, implementation and performance tuning.

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Financial Services

Improving highly regulated industry is a challenge.
Gathering up-to-date information to initiate the Trade and other receivable transactions is often challenging due vast amount of data processed in financial industry.

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