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We help you leverage the power of open source, 


Developed, marketed and distributed by a loosely organized
community of individuals. Software can be easily viewed, modified or downloaded by anyone with technical expertise

Why Digital Transformation Matters?

Tier-3 Full Racks

Half Racks and Quarter Racks across the Somalia

Secure, reliable, high speed connections across the city

Flexible, reliable, Mogadishu cloud services


Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, IDOL Search, iManage Works


Apache Cassandra, Spark, Kafka


AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, HPE Helion OpenStack Cloud

Kafka Hadoop Spark Cassandra IDOL Search iManage Works

Big Data Analtics

Eurosom cloud

Open Source Software and Vendor Software

Our Partners

Data Science

Designing complex analytics systems to support data driven analytics with the help of modern techniques of data collection, processing and analysis at speed.

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Open source and IDOL search

In the past 5 years’ we have seen the biggest technology companies such as Microsoft and IBM pushing open source because they cannot compete with community-based software.

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Our Expertise

Big data consultancy
Eurosom maximises your investment in Open source big data technology with a truly tailor-made consultancy solution.

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