Predictive analytics and its benefits.

In the past, it was hard for big data to explain and answer some key and fundamental questions such as: what happens? Why it happens? And predict what would happen next? Today, big data scientist have understood and created a system that answers those questions. Therefore, predictive analytics that answers the most sophisticated questions and… Read More »

Fast data, internet of things (IoT)

Fast data is one of the most important things in big data. However, data movement and data sharing are equally important. This is because huge volumes of data are created in the past 12 months alone and million new devices connected to the internet. Likewise, many tools and applications are created on a daily basis… Read More »

Enterprise Search: Apache Solr (and Lucene) or HP IDOL

In recent times, volumes of data have been rising exponentially and so has been the need to identify the appropriate tools and procedures to interpret and analyze this data. Structured, Semi-structured and unstructured data, which are heterogeneous and variable in nature, stream quickly and constantly from different sources. To increase operational efficiency of a company… Read More »

Big Data: Hadoop ecosystem and HP Haven

Hadoop was born nearly ten years ago. This little cute yellow elephant was a game changing technology with almost everything we need to store and distribute large data that cannot fit into a single computer.It was developed to support the Nutch web crawler project in distributing the data into commodity hardware instead of large servers.… Read More »